A journey by design - the Rokabela label embodies the elements of Island Couture styling crafted on the principles of Luxury X Eco Design. 

Following a career in fashion, brand design and many years exploring the globe Georgie's passion for fusing design and lifestyle was inspired to create a label that embodies a relaxed resort style aesthetic.

The Rokabela label has been designed to deliver just that: beautiful textiles coupled with wildly inspired designs to elevate your lounging experience. Crafted  on the principles of luxury, comfort and slow design - each piece is made to order.

The roll out of the Rokabela brand is one of slow release; featuring exclusive print designs applied across a range of luxurious fashion decor and accessories.  

Proudly Australian designed and hand made to order; we favour an eco-conscious approach in the creation of our products and textiles.

Stay tuned as we continue to roll out our exclusive collections of resort wear and lifestyle products.

I look forward to sharing the Rokabela journey with you.


Georgie X