Helpful Advice



Why should I create a customer account?

Customer accounts allow you to store your information (such as contact and billing details) which makes it easier for future purchases.

How do I create a customer account with Rokabela?

  1. By clicking on the SIGN IN link in the top menu

  2. Or you will be prompted with the option to create an account during checkout

Account Security

Once set up, you can sign into your account to manage your information and view your order details. You can also choose to save your payment information. Customers can save credit card information, (but not PayPal or Apple Pay).

Account Password

Account passwords must be at least 10 characters long. If you have forgotten your password you can request a new one during the sign in process via the prompts.

What is your Payment Process / Security?

We use Stripe for our payment gateway.

Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.


What Currency does your store trade on?

All prices are listed in AUD Australian dollars.

All transactions are processed in Australian dollars.


Can I purchase a gift card for Rokabela products.?

Yes, Rokabela offers E Gift cards which are available for purchase online.

Can I add a custom message with the gift card..?

Yes. At checkout, you can add a message to the recipient.

Can I split an order between a gift card and a credit card?

Yes. If the order total exceeds the value remaining on the gift card, you can pay the balance using standard payment methods.

Does sale pricing and discounts apply to purchasing gift cards?

No. Sales pricing and discount codes can’t be applied to purchasing a gift card. However, these discounts will apply to orders made using a gift card.


I can’t decide on a fabric, do you have a Fabric Guide?

Yes. We have created 2 guides to help you decide on the best fabric choice for your project. We offer a full detailed specification guide HERE or you can download a quick guide comparison PDF HERE, designed to assist in your selection.

Does colour differ between fabrics?

Yes..! Print colour will vary based on the base cloth chosen. For example, you will find that the prints on natural fibre base cloths (such as Belgian Linen) will result in a softer shade of colour, with less intensity. Whilst the colour intensity on our high performance fabrics (such as Velvet and Canvas) will offer a richer more saturated colour.

What is the difference between Commercial & Residential Fabrics?

Our Quick Guide Comparison PDF offers a snapshot at fabrics and their ideal use. Fabrics listed as commercial are high performance and are suited to both residential and commercial use. You may also want to consider our commercial fabrics if you have kids, or have an AIR BNB property and are looking for an upholstery fabric / cushion that will be more robust.


Are the Cushions available in a range of sizes?

Yes. We currently offer all of our cushions in two standard sizes. 50 x 50cm and 60 x 60cm.

The size I want is not listed, do you offer other sizes?

Yes. We can also offer a 40x 40cm as a scaled version of the listed designs. Please let us know if you would like this size and we can add a listing to the product of your choice.

We can also offer a 35 x 50cm cushion, however we will need to adjust the artwork to work in the “non-square” shape so this may take a little longer.

Larger floor cushion sizes such as 80x80cm can also be ordered as custom design.


Can I machine wash my cushion covers?

Yes. Our cushion covers and upholstery fabrics are all machine washable.

Will the colour fade when I wash my fabric / cushion cover?

Our textiles are printed with water based inks and are “colour fast” and suitable for machine washing.


Do you offer fabric by the metre for upholstery and curtains?

Yes, We will be adding a new section to the website soon to feature designs available by the metre. In the meantime, please contact us if there is a specific design you wish to order.


Are Rokabela designs available as wallpaper?

Yes. We will be adding a new section to the website soon to feature designs available as wallpaper. In the meantime, please contact us if there is a specific design you wish to order as wallpaper.


Do you offer Interior Design Services?

Rokabela offers a full design service for commercial projects. For more information, please visit our commercial projects page HERE or contact Georgie on +61 422 816 813, or via email

For smaller residential projects, we can assist in mockups and mood boards to help you design your space (based on consultation). However we are equally happy to work alongside your interior designer.

Where are you located?

Rokabela is based in the Northern Rivers of NSW Australia. We are very used to working on design projects across Australia and the globe. We see distance as no object, and are open to collaborate on projects globally.